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WPM Technology Tabletop Exercises

How prepared is your organization to respond to a cyber incident?

Conducting a security incident tabletop exercise is a great way to prepare your organization for response to cyber attacks.

Ask yourself:


  • Does your business have an incident response plan for cyber attacks?
  • What will you do when your systems experience a security breach?
  • Who spearheads the response effort and what authority do they have ?
  • Do you have the ability to detect advanced threats against your infrastructure?


Participating in a Tabletop Exercise can help you answer some of these critical questions by identifying planning gaps and educating your response team.

What is a Tabletop Exercise?


A Tabletop Exercise (or TTX) is a security incident preparedness activity, taking participants through dealing with a simulated incident scenario and providing hands-on training that can highlight any gaps in incident response planning.


What can you expect?


  • One hour introduction and discovery call
  • Customized cyber incident scenarios for your company
  • 3-hour Tabletop Exercise to walk through incident and response
  • Debrief on results including recommended actions to consider
  • Engages a core group of senior leaders who would oversee the response team
  • Covers cyber incidents from a holistic viewpoint
  • Helps identify and designate roles and responsibilities for your firm’s response


Don’t wait until an attack happens.


Contact our cybersecurity experts to conduct a Tabletop Exercise and form a well-executed plan.

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